Do It Yourself Bike Repairs

Do It Yourself Bike Repairs

There are many reasons why you should get a bike. For starters, is it’s a legitimate means of transportation. You can ride a bike to work if it’s at a considerable distance from where you live.

Aside from not contributing to the toxic gas emissions, you will be able to save money intended for gas. And that’s just one benefit of riding a bicycle to class or work. It is also an excellent form of workout.

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Riding a bike, even just for a leisurely ride, can burn up to 210 calories per hour on average. That’s a healthy and fun way of getting rid of your excess fats.

On the physical and financial aspect of things, riding a bike is definitely a wonderful idea. But did you know that it has a significant impact on a person’s psychological well-being as well? Research has proven that cycling helps ease stress. Those who ride a bike on a regular basis have been reported to have lower stress levels.

So, you see, there are a lot of benefits that one can get out of riding a bike. It really is a worthwhile investment. And just like any other property that you have which is of great value, you would want to take good care of your bike – especially if you got one of the expensive ones.

When you do decide to buy a bike, it would be best if you choose one which can guarantee the quality. Otherwise, you might end up spending more money on repairs and replacing broken parts.

Also, it does not mean that expensive bikes don’t need maintenance or constant check-ups. They still do. These checks are done not only to make your bike last longer but also to ensure your safety every time you go for a ride.

On that note, here are some really important bits on doing bike repairs on your own. The following are only for minor repairs which you can do without the help of a professional. You can find DIY bike repair videos with the same content on the internet, too.

How to fix a Flat

If you feel like you’ve got droopy wheels, you have to check the tire pressure and then check for holes. You can double check if the tires were correctly inflated by looking for the intended air pressure range on your bike’s tires.

It’s usually found on the smooth side of the tires. You can easily remedy your droopy wheels by using a bike pump that has built-in tire pressure gauge.

But, if it’s a puncture you’re dealing with, you have to change the tire’s inner tube (which is exactly why you always need to travel with a spare). Here are the steps on how to fix a flat on your bike wheels.

#1:  If your bicycle has the bicycle wheel quick release feature, then it won’t be any trouble popping it out of the frame. But if that’s not the case, then you just have to do it the old fashioned way. Open the lever and take the wheel off. Open the valve and release the remaining air out. Make sure the metal valve does not stick out inside the tire.

#2: Pop the tire out of the wheel rim by wedging a few tire levers under its edge.

#3: Remove the inner tube. Take whatever sharp object has punctured your bike’s tires.

#4: Inflate the new inner tube just about halfway then slide into the outer tire.

#5: Once the tire edge has been stuck back into the rim, inflate the whole thing to the correct pressure.

#6: Lastly, shut the quick release valve. Voila! Your bike’s wheels are bouncing again.

How to deal with loose bolts

You may be familiar with the main components of your bike, but what about the nuts and bolts that holds it all together? Aside from checking on the major parts of your bike, you also have to make sure that the nuts and bolts are fastened properly. They can’t be loose and they can’t be too tight.

If you haven’t got a torque wrench yet, you have to get one. It’s the best tool you can use to secure the nuts and bolts on your bike. With this tool, you can easily control the amount of force you need to apply as you loosen or tighten the bolts.

If you think there’s a lot more to learn about fixing, repairing, and maintaining your bike, you’re right. Educate yourself in just two hours or less with the ultimate bike repair course. Just visit DIY Bike Repair for more information.

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