The Step By Step Guide In Disassembling A Bike

The Step By Step Guide In Disassembling A Bike

Are you planning to spend your long vacation somewhere really far? Going on a biking adventure overseas? If you are going to travel via plane and want to bring your bike, it is better to have it shipped in a box. Of course, you cannot fit an entire mountain bike inside a small box unless you dismantle every part.

An expert at your local bike shop can do it, but so can you. If you have all the tools necessary, you will know how to disassemble a bike. Save your money to make the most out of your trip instead. Spare an hour or two to follow the step by step guide below.

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The basic tools that you will need for taking your bike part by part are Allen wrenches, screwdrivers, socket wrenches, etc.

However, having a multitool bought from a bike shop would be really helpful. Do not forget the materials for packing such as a box, tape, and rag for wiping the grease off your hands. It is better to prepare everything at hand so you can finish the job at once. Now, this is how to disassemble a bike:

Step 1 – Remove all the accessories that stick out from the bike using the Allen wrenches. Those would be the bike rack, water bottle holder, and lights. The bike rack usually has four tiny screws, so be careful not to lose any one of them. Secure the screws in one container that will not snap open. As for all the accessories, remember to put them in one place should you want to include them in the package.

Step 2 – Disassemble the pedals by shifting the bike chain onto the smallest ring. The other side of the chain should be shifted onto the largest rear cod. Remove the right pedal counterclockwise while the left pedal clockwise using a pedal wrench. The pedals are usually labeled R or L to indicate which one should be used for right and left. This is very important since you would have to reassemble the bike later.

Step 3 – Remove the saddle and loosen the bolt of the seat post using an Allen wrench. Simply pull the seat post upward. Most bikes today are designed with easy to remove seats by adding a simple lever that releases the metal shaft.

Step 4 – Release the cable ends of the front brake of a mountain or touring hybrid bike. As for a road bike, you will find a quick-release lever on the front brake. Open that lever to create slack in the brake cables.

Step 5 – Use the Allen wrench unbolting the front brake from the fork. Again, do not forget to keep the bolt and washer in a storage bag.

Step 6 – Remove the rear derailleur with an Allen wrench by loosening the bolt. Secure the bolt in the container where you put the screws so you don’t lose it. Using a twine or packaging tape, tie the derailer to the frame.

Step 7 – Take the handlebars off by removing the bolts completely. To do it, use the Allen wrench to loosen the bolts on the stem.

Step 8 – Remove the front wheel just like how you do it when changing tires. Unscrew the quick-release mechanism and remove it from the fork. Then tie it to the frame. It is not necessary to remove the rear wheel because it should fit inside your box without any trouble. You may deflate both the tires if necessary.

Step 9 – Insulate everything that can cause damage or poke hazard. That would be the forks, shaft, and any part with sharp edges. Wrap them with bubble wrap, foam, or cardboard.

Step 10 – Put the bike inside the box, placing the biggest parts first, then the bike seat, rack, and then the accessories. Make sure you put everything inside. Do not close it yet unless you can see that every part is secured. Use a tape for packaging.

Important Notes

There are other things you should do after knowing how to disassemble a bike. One is the Airport TSA regulations which restrict anyone from packing rack, panniers, and some tools you need for reassembling the bike.

For this reason, it is better to have it shipped by FedEx or other shipping companies that will ensure the arrival of your bike within two to three days. So send your box a day or two before your trip so you can assemble it right away once you arrived.

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