Bike Chain Maintenance

Bike Chain Maintenance

More people are becoming hooked on cycling, not just as a fun and exciting leisure activity but also as an effective weight loss workout. Aside from letting you enjoy beautiful weather and sceneries outside – especially if you live in the suburbs – it is also an excellent means of transportation.

If you want to be more outdoorsy and you feel like you could use a little workout or just some relaxing activity to do every weekend getting a bicycle is a fantastic idea. And as you are contemplating what kind or which brand to get, just keep in mind that you should never compromise quality over the price.

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If you’re on a tight budget, you can find an inexpensive bike that has excellent features. But pay particular attention to the quality of the bicycle you will be getting. If you get a cheap one with poor quality, you may end up spending more on maintaining and repairing the bike parts.

However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that high-quality bikes don’t need maintenance checks anymore. All bikes need to be maintained and tuned to ensure your safety every time you go for a ride.

Bike Basics 101

Every biker knows that three main things need checking before every ride. Aside from helping your bike last longer, a regular check before going for a ride makes it safer for you, and it helps avoid or at least minimize any trouble you may face on the road.

  • Brakes

The importance of checking your brakes cannot be overstated. A lot of accidents happen because of loose brakes, which could have been prevented by checking. You can easily squeeze the rear and front levers of your bike’s brake to check if it’s engaged properly.

  • Tires

You can’t go on a ride with a flat tire. Also, making sure that your tires are properly inflated will prevent you from having flats on the road. Check the sidewall of your tires to know if it has enough pressure.

  • Chains

One thing to check about your chain is if it’s properly lubricated. Lubrication is important to make sure that you will not encounter problems with shifting gears when you’re on the road. Aside from that, a well-lubricated chain helps in making your drivetrain last longer.

Easy Bike Chain Cleaning Tips

Among these three major bike parts, the chain is considered as the most at risk when it comes to lubrication. To prevent early wear and tear of the chain, it should be cleaned and frequently lubricated with a quality bicycle chain lube.

Regular cleaning of your bike chain means you will prevent dirt and grime build up, which is a lot harder to get rid of if neglected. A rag and some degreaser, such as Simple Green is all that’s needed to clean the chain.

Once the degreaser is all dried up, you can then apply a small amount of lube, making sure that you get some on each link. Let it dry for a bit and then remove the excess.

If you are having trouble cleaning your bike chains while it’s on your bike, you can learn the easy way to do it by watching DIY bike cleaning videos.

Things to Remember

  1. You don’t need to apply lube on your bike chains when it’s not necessary. You can just do it when it squeaks or if it already looks dry.
  2. Lube your chains every time you go on a wet ride. Proper lubrication keeps the chain from rusting.
  3. You can use a chain cleaning or scrubbing device to make cleaning a lot easier. There are some products which won’t require you to remove the chain from the bike.
  4. You don’t have to put the lube on the gears as well.
  5. Know the appropriate type of chain lube for your bike.
  6. If it’s been a while since the last time you’ve applied lube on your bike chains, be sure to clean it first.
  7. It is a lot more expensive to change your bike’s gears so be sure to check your chain for stretch periodically before it even gets to a point where it’s already wearing them out.

Doing bike maintenance isn’t that hard. You only need to learn the basics and do some research for the easier ways of doing stuff, and you should be fine. If you would like to find out more about how to maintain your bike yourself, check out the simple and easy to follow bike repair and maintenance courses at DIY Bike Repair.

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